PE0503 – ERGO360° Work Positionner 200kg

PE0503 – ERGO360° Work Positionner 200kg

Mounted on a C-shaped base, the ERGO360° work positionner 200kg offers optimized access to the part. The base is available on feet or on wheels. On-site startup is very quick with no foundation work required. The overall footprint is minimal, making it easy to integrate into production environments. Electric actuators ensure smooth movement, controlled via a control interface. Up to 5 users can be programmed, with 3 programmable positions for each user.

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SWL 200 kg
With wired HMI
Energy: 220V mains supply

Examples of applications

Assembling and wiring a SCARA Arm with the ERGO 360° workstation

The ERGO360° station's versatile rotational axes ensure safe assembly and handling of loads up to 200 kg in any environment. In this video, Alexandre Ganry, one of our assemblers, uses the ERGO360° workstation to assemble and wire the bodies of our SCARA Titan arms. From the very beginning, we have been committed to reducing musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries in our workshops and for our customers.

Handling cabinet frames with the ERGO 360° workstation

The ERGO 360° workstation makes it easier for you to handle cabinet frames. With a capacity of 200 kg, this assembly workstation enables operators to raise, lower, rotate and tilt the unit being assembled. It is easy to control via the touchscreen interface and offers multiple programmable positions. There are numerous industrial applications, including component assembly, electrical wiring and deburring, to name just a few.

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