NEODITECH, Designer-Manufacturer of Ergonomic and Safe Handling Solutions

Located near Nantes, France, NEODITECH is a leader in providing ergonomic handling solutions for industry and intralogistics, helping reduce musculoskeletal disorders while optimizing productivity. Our innovative range of collaborative robots addresses all challenges related to handling various types of parts, tools, cartons, and other loads.

Our values

We believe that performance and well-being at work can coexist, and a healthy workforce is the key to sustainable performance. That's why we use human-centred design processes. Our handling assistance solutions provide an effective solutions to the challenges faced by many businesses.

A Brief History of Neoditech

Since 2007, we have been offering quality products based on our expertise in user-friendly and innovative solutions.

We started out as an engineering firm in western France specializing in assembly tools, industrial machinery and robotics, including complete ergonomic assistance solutions for operators.

In 2010, to meet the increasing demand from our clients for new handling systems, we developed our first product: the SCARA arm. With its innovative design, it acts as an extension of the human arm and provides a better way to lift and move parts and other items.

The SCARA arm can lift items outside its centre of gravity and load machines from the front, similar to how a human hand operates. It is highly fluid and precise, reducing user strain in a seamless fashion. The SCARA arm is the only compact collaborative robot that is easy to move around, improving workflow by consolidating operations. The SCARA arm offers new possibilities for ergonomic handling in industrial environments.

Since 2012, our company has focused on designing and manufacturing collaborative industrial robots for material handling. We have expanded our range to include a wide variety of ergonomic handling solutions for loads up to 200 kg. These innovative products are now sold in France and several European countries. Our sales representatives analyse your needs, let you test our products in your environment, and provide the best ergonomic solution from our range.


Logo Neoditech

Création de NEODITECH


Logo Neoditech

1er prototype de bras SCARA PARTS


Bras manipulateur SCARA Neoditech



Potence mobile Neoditech

Potence de manipulation mobile


Manipulateurs picking Neoditech

Manipulateur picking


1er prototype de bras SNAKE, développement européen

European Expansion

Since 2015, our partner Zelitec has been selling Neoditech products in the Benelux region. As an expert in collaborative robots, Zelitec provides turnkey solutions with Neoditech products.

Engineering Department and Production Plant

Our expertise

In order to provide you with optimal quality at a controlled cost, all our products are designed and developed by our R&D Department and assembled in France. Our models are registered and patented. They are also CE certified, ensuring safety and convenience.

We use local suppliers based within 30 km whenever we can.
Our engineering department, composed of multidisciplinary engineers and technicians, works to the highest standards to offer you gripper systems tailored to your needs. Ease of use and convenience are the cornerstones of our design philosophy.
Our processes enable us to provide excellent service and meet all our commitments, from product design and assembly in our production plant to on-site user training.
As a relatively small-sized company, we have the flexibility and agility to meet your requirements promptly and efficiently.