Handling steel sheets – Bosch

Handling steel sheets – Bosch

Read the testimonial from Bosch, who enlisted our company to handle steel sheets.

For over 125 years, the name Bosch has been associated with innovative technologies and revolutionary inventions that have left their mark on industrial history. Bosch has a strong presence in France, with 23 sites, including 10 with Research & Development departments, covering all of the company's activities. In 2019, with a workforce of approximately 6,600 people, Bosch France generated revenue of over 3.2 billion euros in France.

Project issues

The objective was to improve the working conditions of the staff and reduce musculoskeletal disorders while maintaining productivity.

NEODITECH solution

SC0403-002 – Electric mobile SCARA Parts Arm 50kg

Option used

OUT088 – N2 Pneumatic Magnet Lifting Tool

Customer benefits observed

+ Significant reduction in strenuous work
+ Reduced risk of strain injuries & work-related accidents
+ Improved ergonomics and fluidity


Bosch approached us for help involving handling steel bases weighing up to 22 kg. Previously, the bases were lifted and moved manually by the operators.

Neoditech Solution

To address this need, we suggested our SCARA Parts electric arm on a mobile base (mounted on a pallet truck) with a maximum load capacity of 50 kg. Our engineers worked with Bosch to develop a lifter tool using pneumatic-magnetic technology and scratch protection, which can be installed quickly and easily using a quick tool changer.

Customer Benefits

The steel bases are now lifted and moved with the SCARA Parts arm, with no strain for the operators. Moreover, thanks to the robot’s fluidity and precision, the operators have gained mobility and now work more efficiently and safely.