Handling Cabinet Frames – Soluscope

Handling Cabinet Frames – Soluscope

Soluscope approached us to carry heavy loads, namely cabinet frames.

Based in Aubagne, France, Soluscope specializes in the manufacturing of endoscope reprocessing solutions.

Project issues

The goal was to improve the working conditions of the staff while maintaining productivity.

NEODITECH solution

PE0502 – ERGO360° Work Positionner 150kg

Customer benefits observed

+ Significant reduction in strenuous work
+ Reduced risk of strain injuries & work-related accidents


Soluscope approached us for help in handling heavy cabinet frames weighing up to 124 kg. Previously, 2 to 4 operators had to work together to lift and move the frames.

Neoditech Solution

To address this issue, we suggested that Soluscope use an ERGO 360° assembly workstation  with a load capacity of 150 kg. Our engineering team developed a custom clamping tool to safely handle the cabinet frames.

Customer Benefits

Thanks to the programmable positions of the ERGO workstation and its 3 axes of rotation, along with the custom clamping tool, the operators can now handle the frames safely and without strain.