Neoditech innovates in reel handling – Press release

Neoditech innovates in reel handling – Press release

Press Release – Neoditech Innovates in Cable Reel and Roll Handling

To address the ergonomic challenges in handling cable reels and rolls, Neoditech has developed a new type of gripper that enables operators to handle reels and rolls easily and safely, without running the risk of strain injuries or workplace accidents.


As experts in collaborative robots capable of handling loads up to 100 kg, we have been developing our handling and lifting systems for 15 years. After being approached by several companies on this subject, we decided to develop a better system for handling cable reels and rolls.

Currently, operators manually move and roll the it, which causes muscle strain and can result in workplace accidents.

As a result, our Engineering Department has designed a user-friendly tool suitable for various diameters. It is inserted into the core and expands to grip the reel. The expanding chuck is attached to a hook, allowing users to lift and move safely, with no risk of dropping.

One significant advantage of this tool is that it fits on the entire Neoditech range of manipulators.

Do you need to palletize, load, or unload reels? When the core gripper is fitted on the Neoditech Mobile Jib Crane and attached to a hoist, you can easily lift and move your rolls, even in difficult-to-access or narrow areas.

For order preparation, simply use the Picking Cobot with its two rotary joints, mounted on your electric pallet truck, to effortlessly pick your reels and rolls stored in racks or under rails and load them onto pallets.

With a load capacity of up to 100 kg, these solutions can effectively reduce strain injuries caused by strenuous and repetitive operations.

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